Sell online NOW! Add the e-commerce option to the Silver, Gold, or Platinum package
for only $149 + $9.95/ month.

This e-commerce option for online credit card transactions includes everything you need. No extra monthly fee for a merchant account, no gateway fee, just the usual transaction fee.


  • Shopping cart. We setup 10 items for sale for you and you can add up to a 1000 items with our content management tool, WebAdmin. Each item can have a title, an internal number, a price, two options (like colors and size), a description and an image/photo depicting the item.
  • Virtual store. Recommended for merchants that have more than 50 items for sale. Define categories and you can then simply add items for sale to a category. Everything is automated for you. Includes a secondary navigation bar with all the categories accessible from any page. Examples of websites using the virtual store:,,
  • We use paypal to process the credit card transactions on your website. Paypal is no longer requiring customers to open a Paypal account at the time of the transaction. Paypal has no setup fee and no monthly fee, just the usual transaction fee. Paypal has over 100 million member accounts worldwide.
  • Choose your transaction currency: U.S. Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, or Yen. For international customers, you can check here if Paypal is available in your country.
  • Shipping and handling cost can be defined has a percentage of the total amount of the purchase or a flat amount based on the total amount of the purchase.